Monday, April 22, 2013

The field is white and ready to harvest

Brother Lutz, I remember him. He taught our mission prep one time. He
is a cool guy. I didn't realize he went on the same mission as Uncle
Jeff. I was freinds with his son Nate Lutz. 
The Spirit is strong. It's really nice being away from all the worldy
media and everything and being able to focus on the spiritual side of
things. I've loved the packages and letters y'all have sent. It would
help if y'all prayed that we will have more people to work with. I
don't know for sure if I told you already but we don't tract at all
anymore. We teach refferals and less-actives and talk to anyone in our
path on the way to a refferal or anywhere. But we don't even go to a
park or somewhere and talk to random people. We had the goal of trying
to get around a baptism a month but now the goal is starting to change
to a baptism a week. We really just need to be guided to those who the
Lord has prepared. As we've prayed for this we've all ready been
busier this last week and the people we have met are very prepared for
this Gospel. "the field is white and ready to harvest."
That's good to hear about Dad. I think that's a good goal, it's time
for that. Sounds pretty good on Jared's race. That was a 2:20 for the
800? That's really good! (for a girl)... Just kidding, haha keep it
up. Nate Pr'd too? I'm guessing 10 seconds on the 1600? so is that a
5:03 now? Awesome! getting closer to that "sub-five" mark. Johnny is
gonna be quite the athlete, is anyone doing baseball or soccer right
now? it's that season right? Scott and all them do the paper route?
that's awesome, that's probably really good for them, how long is the
route? Johnny is already working on a whip? that's be awesome. Tell
Melissa that if she wants to get into BYU she has to be able to get
her back-hand spring down haha. That's cool, it sounds like they're
getting pretty good. Hil found an apartment on Washington Terrace? is
that by Grandma's house? (or Riverdale, whatever it is). I
can't wait to get your package, It wasn't here this morning so by next
monday i'll get it. Thanks!
This week has been another great one. We're working with some new
people I talked about before. they are Chengbing (chinese), Chi
(chinese), Pengfai (chinese), and Clinton (white) and an awesome
couple the Lowe's. I had to put the race to explain the unique name.
All are liking the lessons we're teaching. I love teaching them.
Teaching someone that has grown up in China is different though
because they don't have a Christian background. They're all VERY
smart, but they just haven't ever heard of Baptism, the Holy Ghost,
Repentance, or sometimes Jesus. It definetly changes the way we have
to teach. We also met an awesome lady from Mexico city on Saturday.
She came here 18 months ago with her 2 year old daughter who has
lucimia (i don't know how to spell it) cancer. Her daughter is really
cute, she's going through chemo right now. Anyway, this lady came here
and has learned very well english in those 18 months and been taking
care of her daughter. She said she just wanted to feel a greater
comfort and peace from God. The knowledge that God exists and that He
loves us and that He has a plan for us gives more comfort than
anything. Pengfai, when we were teaching him said that in China a lot
of people he saw go through life worrying about money and stability in
finances, and go through their whole life without being truly happy
(of course this isn't the case only in China). But people seek the
Comfort that God gives, and it's amazing what difference it makes in
their lives. I love teaching and seeing these people grow closer to
God. Thanks again for the email. I love y'all.
Elder Russell

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