Monday, April 15, 2013

happiness and peace and comfort

Hey, the weather here is amazing. 85 about and humid. A sister missionary at the library with us said she heard it was snowing today (she's from Lay'n [Layton]) So I imagine it'd be the same in West Point.
Well, it's been a great week as always. I don't know if i've told you before, but we go once a week to a senior center to give service. We did that on tuesday. We usually talk with them and then play some good games of dominos or occasionally get to call out bingo (old-people song version). The crowd we play dominoes with are so funny, we have some pretty interesting conversations to say at the least. On wednesday we had transfer meeting which is the meeting where we find out who is being transfered and what new areas are opened or which ones are closed. I still have the sam companion which isn't a surprise since he's my trainer and I won't complain, he's awesome. We get along really well. We do now have another companionship in our aparment now. We live in a two-bedroom so it's not crowded. They are: Elder Campell-from New Mexico, and Elder Lupton-from Arizona. They're awesome. Our apartment is pretty fun. We met a new guy this week named Clinton who seems to be pretty interested in what we've taught him. On Thursday we were teaching some recent converts. Their names are Lazerus and Afaf (from south Sudan). They were trying to teach us some phrases in Arabic, so now me and my companion can kind of say "hello," "how are you," "thank you" (the simple one's) but arabic is VERY complicated. They are awesome people. Saturday we helped with a service project in Sharpstown. I forgot, I don't think I've told y'all where my area is. We are in the Herman park south area (it's still in Houston, Kind of a sub-city) Fondren is our west border, The med. center is our east border, Bellaire is our North border, and Braeswood is our south border. By the way, the med center looks as big or bigger than salt lake city downtown, it's crazy. But anyway, the service project was way fun, we got to help a lady cut down some trees around her yard to prep a little for hurricane season, but i guess that's not till fall. I got to climb a tree and cut a few limbs off and I loved it (It's probably the closest thing to rock climbing that i'll ever do on my mission). Sunday was awesome, we had a great fast and testimony meeting. On sunday while my companion and I were studying we watched a mormon message called "A testimony of the Book of Mormon" (or something like that) by Jeffrey R. Holland. It is amazing, Y'all better watch it. I just wish everyone in the world would read the Book of Mormon and recieve the happiness and peace and comfort the Gospel brings. Jeffrey R Holland Gives an amazing testimony of the Book of Mormon. I finished the Book of Mormon this last week again and I can say that I do not doubt anything inside that book. Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God and did translate that book and we are SO lucky to have it. Everyone should get the chance to read it. ..I love y'all, have a good week!
-Elder Russell

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