Monday, April 1, 2013

It's amazing how God works in everyone's lives and the happiness we can have from Him

Haha so first Happy April fools. I was going to do a funny april fools joke to you but I just couldn't do it because it'd be too mean, so I decided to spare you. Glad to hear the Easter egg hunt went good! Jared's lucky I wasn't there or there wouldn't have been any eggs left. That's a lot of money for Addi, she could buy a lot of gum with that. That's good to hear Hil has a friend. haha just kidding. Friends have a huge influence, it's always helpful to have good ones. I can't believe (soon to be) Elder Jackson already gave his talk!! When does he leave? That's exciting! you'll have to give him my email or something. It's interesting how God is always watching over us haha, I'm the garage didn't burn down. We've been working with a lady from central african republic named Amne. I don't know if I told y'all last email, but we thought from what she told us that she only spoke Sango, but we figured out the other day that she can read and speak some Arabic so we are excited because now we can give here a Book of Mormon for here to read (she can't read in English and they don't make anything to read in Sango).  (really quick i'll give some background info on here: she's native from central africa, she showed us Songo people and they looked like an african tribe) She told us an experience she had that was pretty interesting, I don't know if i completely understood her because of the language barrier between us but she said she had a time where she fell asleep or fainted for three days and no one could wake her up but then because of God's love she woke up and said something about us coming and helping her become closer to God (it's hard to understand exactly what she means sometimes) but she's awesome. I got to go to PopEyes for the first time this week--it's a fast food restaurant here that has fried chicken and biscuits. It's really popular here. On Wednesday we did an exchange but I had to stay in our area and be the one in charge for a day, it was kind of stressful but it turned out good. We had to move apartments because we need a two-bedroom instead of the one we were in so one Friday and Saturday that's what we did. We stayed in the same complex but just a different apartment. We were really excited but our new apartment smells pretty bad. haha On saturday morning me and my companion woke up with headaches, I think whoever lived there before us had to have been a chain smoker. The other missionaries can even smell the smoke on our clothes so we are moving again haha... this is random, but we found a frog lastnight and it peed on are apartment floor, it was kind of weird. On Sunday our Easter service was awesome! me and another missionary sang with the ward choir and got to narrurate the stuff inbetween the songs. We had our ward bell choir playing with us and it sounded really good. After Church we had a huge Easter meal with some awesome members that brought over some non-member friends. After that we went over to another meal appointment and ate so much. I was so full. We hardly had to buy any groceries this week because we have so many leftovers in our fridge from yesterday. Sunday we spent some time with this couple. We met them because a while ago she somehow heard about our church and asked for a blessing. she's going through cancer and chemo therapy so that's why they're here in Houston. They are really humble are very Christian. They are very nice. We talked about the plan of Salvation with them an they were very interested. They actually came to Church with us on Sunday and said they liked it. We really felt the Spirit last night as we were talking with them. It's amazing how God works in everyone's lives and the happiness we can have from Him.
Well, it's been a good week. It's getting hotter here. I hope all is going well at home. 

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