Wednesday, July 8, 2015

looking for a normal life. the Church is the recipe

well what happened, yesterday was a good day and the week was good, I have a new companion, his name is Elder C he is cool, he is new in the mission, he has his training done. we have been trying to work in the part of our area where we have never been, it is really cool there are some cool sights that look like what I would imagine in the book of Mormon. time flies here way fast, it just never stops for me to catch up, Im getting behind a bit in my journal and stuff but I am learning a lot and that is one of the good things about being here. yesterday in Church we learned a lot, we had two investigators come from around our area, one I had seen before and the other was new, he just showed up, interesting how people seem to come so easily from member invites and the missionaries work all week and can barely get anyone to come to Church. It is obvious that member missionary work is extremely important, i wish that would have clicked in my head before the mission. I would encourage members to take all the mission opportunities that come in their way, the Spirit can tell you good when your looking. I only say that because that is what we ought to do not that I did it much. let me tell you about the other investigator that came, I dont remember his name, he is from ukraine that is why, but he showed up likely because a member missionary gave him an invite or something. in his country he must have heard about the Church, he told us he has seen the missionaries all over the world. here is what happened

Elder M and I were asking for references from this member missionary i was talking about, she is the one I told Mom about that always does missionary work and has helped baptize many people for her good references to missionaries and Spirit outlook. she mentioned some russian guy in the neigborhood and told us he wants to talk with the missionaries but he doesnt speak spanish or anything so nobody understands him, Elder M said he passed by and the guy said in a´´ lot of work´´ a couple times and so we hadnt visited him but then in a division i had we were just contacting and we contacted someone by his house and they told us that some guy wants to hear us so a few days later me and Elder M went to contact that house, and Elder M mentioned to me that it was the house where that russian guy was, and he answered the door and basically said the same thing but Elder M pulled out contacting cards and the guy lit up a bit and accepted a few and he seemed to like it but we didnt really talk because he cant really talk in any language that we understand but we sort of left and left it at that, one day we were doing planing and Elder M told me that during his prayer he was thinking about that guy so we put him in the schedule but we didnt quite make it to visiting him. then yesterday I see this guy walk in to church and he manages to tell President D that he can talk a little english and so it was really fun for me because i got to sit by him in priesthood meeting and translate to english, i dont think he understood much but he brought his bible in his language and we showed him a scripture about fasting and he said {muchos buenos{ and so he understood something i guess and then later yesterday after Church we went to his house, I was about to not do it but I felt like I should contact a house by his and no one was there but he walked out of his house and called us over to visit a minitue. he managed to tell us that he look on the computer and his old house got blown up over there and that a lot of other stuff to got messed up in his country thanks to the many wars over there. he told us that drugs and wars and other stuff i didnt understand are very bad, but what we do is normal. I want to share the Gospel with people like that , he lives solo in his house and he basically can talk with anyone, he probably really came to Church because he heard somehow that we could help him find employment, but he is real and all that he is looking for a normal life. the Church is the recipe, is it not normal to want to live in peace, have a family that stays together, learn to love life, why then do we always do crazy things, i am not sure but i thought that was interesting how that guy said that, it might be because he didnt know how to say something else but its still true. I know the Church is true, i was reading recently of Joseph Smith, i can say that the Lord did call him as a prophet.
love you

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