Monday, June 15, 2015

I have a testimony

I have a testimony that we were called in this time to a mission here on earth life as a call to progress and live better, the time we are in is important and the Lord is with us every step, meaning He knows and offers help always, we can always have help no matter the circumstances the love and help consistently exists if we live right we feel the effects. I know that life is a great time to grow and learn as well as progress, have faith to humility and change, ask and receive is the counsel we often listen to, what person asks in faith that doesn't receive? no one I have heard of, what little kid asks for something to a loving father that won`t receive. faith shapes us to do what is right. I think I am learning just a tiny bit at a time everyday here, sometimes it is from mistakes and getting up as to not fall again or watching other people and their good examples. Just a quick thing I remember, a while ago this past few days actually we found some cool people that look like their desires a pretty good, one name Antonio was a guy we found walking around a little area called asentamiento it is a nice place a bit poorer, it reminds me of a villige. some of the houses there are like tents. the people are pretty humble and kind and it is a sort of danger challenge to them as we saw just a bit ago, antonio anyway lived in one of the tents over in there so we taught him by his house, he was perfectly fine standing for the lesson so we went ahead and taught him el evangelio and he was so happy he has been looking for a change and wants to stop the bad things going on, it sounds like he wants to repent and wake up from his nightmare, fair enough so we tried sharing what the Lord wants for him and he accepted things, we tried to pray in his house and he accepted an invite to baptize without flinching. we have also been teaching this week with a cool member, it has been some time since he got off his mission but his skills are in me and my companion`s opinion some of the best we have seen, and we just taught a great guy a while ago and he also accepted the baptismal invitation. that is a goal for all the mission as it has been for my time here and it is getting stressed by pretty much all the members and leaders. We have set a high number of dates for baptism here and so hopefully we can just keep on finding people and they progress. The Spirit is one of the biggest things in finding I would say as everyone knows. well love you have a good one and hope you can feel the influence of the Gospel in your lifes and it makes you so full of love that you drown in it....drown in it. jk but seriously

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