Monday, February 16, 2015

Welcome Home/ He desires our happiness

 What a wonderful time!  So HAPPY!!  His faithful service will forever bless our family!

Elder Seffker's letter:

Wow how nice all the things going on now, it sounds like a really good project, going to mexico. that is really fun, how long will the mexico trip last. Did you know I have seen a few rotary international symbols here, one example would be the restaurant we ate in today has one hanging on their wall. I am glad to hear that things are going good. I know the Lord really loves your efforts to reach out to people like Jesus Christ did. By the way yeah my day is good so far, for breakfast I had hmm I think a carrot and cabbage and an egg.  so you guys went rock climbing then and Jack can right?  yeah thats cool and melissa four point oooooooooooooooooO wooow that is cooool . well would i know your guys' new stake president? sounds like a good idea, reading the new testament, it would be really fun to see the differences in what was recorded of similar experiences. 

One thing I really liked about this week was that we could see two baptisms two days in a row, and they both were 9 years olds I think, They both went well and the second one was reallly neat. The little girl that was about to get baptized asked if she could read a scripture after someone gave a talk. that is how baptisms seem to go here. And when she read that scripture, which was about repentance and baptism by fire I felt the Spirit, little kids have that ability, and are perfect in Christ, Also a cool thing about that baptism is it was right after Church and we were able to have an investigator come with his wife to Church and then the baptism. It is really cool because he has foot problems and so we have been helping him build another room on to his house and he seems to feel that we love him and want to help him.oh yeah my testimony. I know that Christ lives and that His grace is sufficient for all who come to Him and that through prayer we can communicate with our supreme creator and that He has His truth on the earth  and we are a part of His plan, He desires our happiness- love ya

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