Monday, February 9, 2015

eventually become like Him

yeah the week was good... I think that one thing that really sticks out to me now would be our interviews with President. We have one every three months. I felt the Spirit pretty strong in the conference we had. We learned about desires, it was a talk from Dallin H. Oaks I think. In the interview we talked a little bit about the same topic. I brought it up by talking about obedience with exactness. Basically for me now it is impossible. It sort of concerned me that we promise people we are going to obey exactly and I have never seen a missionary do it. The thing that concerned me is I hate lying. I told him that me and my companion have talked hours about the topic and what conclusion I have come to is that it is your desire. If you have a pure desire to be exactly obedient you are. The thing is other desires can move in the way and people make excuses. I told a little story; Once me and my companion had to give a blessing to someone, this person was going to go to the hospital that night. We had to give the blessing that night  before she was to receive surgery, so we ended up arriving at about 9 at night. I knew what the rule said 9 return to house unless in a lesson, or if so 9:30. We gave the blessing and it was past that time. I remember walking home with a little prayer in my head. Right now as I am typing just as in the interview I felt the Spirit. Heavenly Father said through His Spirit that He was happy we gave the blessing. That is the rule, the greater thing, our desire! Eventually we will reach our greatest desire because we will be striving for it, and obviously we will be getting help from Heavenly Father if it is a righteous desire. I just realized that in Church on Sunday I learned a thing about this... the fall, transgression. Fulfill the greater law and break the smaller. In the mission and in life you will eventually learn this as you desire to become like Christ. That should be our desire and often times things as simple as food or technology´s desires get in the way. 

We can always be assured that Heavenly Father desires us to be happier and return and eventually become like Him. I have a knowledge that if we desire to follow we will always have the help set out that we need.
love you guys and have fun
Elder N. H. Seffker

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