Wednesday, January 14, 2015

getting baptized / many blessings

Hey so here's a little update for the week. 
We are working a lot with Mike. He's doing good. Mainly just working on the Word of Wisdom but he came to church yesterday. It was kind of a weird first time for him because we had a unique meeting where our spanish/english overlay organization for the stake got combined so it was a meeting mostly working out the logistics haha. But it was good. He's getting baptized in a couple weeks. We had a good week. I don't know what else to write haha. It's been a little colder...
Well I love y'all. Have a good week!
Elder Russell

 This week we had a good time, The missionary work is super rewarding right now, we went to church and a new person showed up that wasn´t invited by any of the missionaries, it was a member! After hearing a talk from Elder Molina on the Book of Mormon, he asked for one, I think we will visit him today with Daniel, he is a recent convert. We went out with him a few days ago and ended up teaching one of our investigators. She has prayed about the Restoration and told us she feels she got her answer, we were so happy, she has a date to be baptized soon. I knew I would be part of something important but I wasn't ´quite sure if I would be able to witness very much of it so soon. The Lord is really guiding us all the time, we just gave a blessing about ten minutes ago, I did the anointing, I love doing that, I have been privileged to give many blessings here in my mission.
Yeah this week was cool, changes are upcoming and I am enjoying the pday today. yeah  well the success of someone eh, its nice to see someone that benefited from the work, i am sure you will see similar things in your life soon, I keep hearing how you shared the Gospel with someone, that is what makes a good missionary not what the people actually say, recently i went on a division , one of them told me that it doesn't matter to much what you say as long as you have the Spirit with you, it is true. he was one of the assistants, they get to do divisions every week, we were the first companionship they did a division with that lives far out, they are really good missionaries.
Love you 
Elder N. H. Seffker

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