Tuesday, January 20, 2015

amazing change / knowledge and intelligence

 I really have no time so this is going to be fast typing and might have some typos. Los siento. 
Anyway, So this last week on sunday I got to go to the baptism of someone we had taught in my last area in clearlake 1. I loved seeing him and how he's doing. Also, I got to see a ton of people who we worked with in that ward including a few converts. It was so good to see them! I love seeing the amazing change that the gospel brings into people's lives. A member named brother ajayi drove me down when we went there. He's an awesome member. He's a convert from Nigeria. We talked a lot about what life was like in Nigeria for him and how spoiled we are here in America. He said if people that lived here went had to live like he did when he grew up they'd probably kill themselves. 
Random subject change sorry. We went to the temple today. I love going there! I'll send some pictures. 
Mike is doing good and should be getting baptized this Saturday or Sunday. We're meeting with him tonight. 
There's a lot that I wish I could also say here and now but I have no time left! Sorry. 
-love elder russell.
Y'all have a good week!

Elder Seffker's update:
I think it was this week that we gave another blessing. It was interesting. I am learning more about knowledge and intelligence. In my words the word intelligence is sort of like applied knowledge, I read that a very smart person can have no intelligence for example- Satan. Also something similar is wisdom, it seems to come from experience and can be applied knowledge in experiences. This week has helped me increase my intelligence. The light of Christ is our path to that. We can gain light by His grace until we have a dayful of light and a knowledge of all things clear as a day. I am learning it is a pretty good idea to record your dreams, both goals and literal memories you have.
Love ya,
Elder Seffker

“believing it to be beneficial to review our past life and not only our privilege but duty to keep an accurate account of our proceedings.” Pres. Wilford Woodruff

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