Monday, February 10, 2014

immortality and eternal life of man

Love y'all!! it was so good to get the pictures form ya!
Man I am just in such a good mood. Life is so good. Missionary work is awesome. Lately I've been reading a ton! I made some really big 'year 2' goals for reading and divided them into smaller and smaller goals so I will have week by week and day by day goals. I love the scriptures. I could spend all day in them. They are great. And I am around awesome people all the time. The people here (my companion, the other missionaries, the members, former members from my last ward) are all so fun to be around.
This week has been great! Not too much of an update that I can think of...
I just heard some good knews from one of my last companions (Elder Iloilo) he was telling me about some of the people we had been working with and many of them I had been kind of sad about because they had stopped reading and wouldn't pray even though we had very spiritual lessons with them and we'd spent so much time praying for them. Elder Iloilo told me that they came back and many are preparing to be baptized. I was at a devotional we put on for members and investigators last night and one of the speakers was talking about how no efforts are wasted when they are for the Lord. Whenever you share your testimony or a gospel truth it is never wasted. I don't think we begin to see the true results of our actions in this life but they are great.
mosiah 2:17, when you're in the service of your fellow beings you're in the service of God. How could you serve God? You'd have to be assisting him in His work and His purpose. What is His purpose? It's to bring about the immortality and eternal life of man (Moses1:39). Galations 6:2, Mosiah 18:8-12 talk about bearing one anothers burdens and comforting them who need comfort. These are commitments to serve that we make when we make our covenants with God. We're covenanting to put forth a greater love and be instruments in God's hands to bring about His plan. Service is motivated by love. Love is the motive of God's works. That's why God is love (1 John 4:8-10).
Well those are just some thoughts. I Love y'all! Have a good week!
-Elder Russell

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