Monday, March 18, 2013

When we trust in God, He will give us peace

So it's been a good week. The heat is really starting to set in. the tempature was only 85 degrees but it felt like 105 with the humidity. Me and my comp went out this morning to do our laundry and outside at 6:45 in the morning it felt like the bathroom after someones taken a hot shower for a long time. So, I feel bad for asking but, I could definetly use a couple more short sleeve shirts... what's new this week.. I got a haircut, my companion cut it, so I'm trusting his judgement.. haha. We been teaching a lot of less actives and a lot of recent converts and of course some investigators. A lot of the people are from Africa or somewhere around there so English isn't their native language. If I went back in time to prepare for my mission I would just practice teaching the discussions to Addi. (that's really what it's like sometimes) The people amaze me. They move here from a totally different country, barely knowing any english if any at all. find some job, and go to school. A lot of them are very very smart but it's really hard for them because they don't know very good English. We're teaching some English before we teach them the discussions. So one interesting day was on Wednesday, I did an exchange with the Chinese Elders (so I was companions with a chinese companion for a day). His name is Elder Philips. It's kind funny, him and some other Elder are really into Pokemon, so we joked about it and talked about the good old days playing Pokemon cards and spending hours playing on our gameboys. But I figured out he wasn't joking, he really is into Pokemon a lot, he taught me how to play the card game "the right way". he's funny. but anyway, that day was very interesting. Everyone that we taught offered us tea or hot water  (don't worry we only drank herbal tea) it's just a part of their culture. I ate pig ear at a chinese restaurant and other food that I couldn't identify. But that was a fun day. We also had a really good devotional on Sunday. We had a bunch of recent converts talk about their conversion experience. It was amazing. I was convinced that all of the people there had the most interesting and hard lives, yet each one knew the same truths of the Gospel and bore witness of the happiness it gave them. One in particular is fighting two cancers at the same time, his leg is amputated, he is divorced, raising an adopted girl, with a million other health complications, but he said something during his testimony that really struck me. He said "Even though my life is very hard, I have peace." This life is tough. We go through hard things, but that's how we grow. and when we trust in God, he will give us peace and comfort in our afflictions. I can say that i've seen this. A lot of the people I teach have very very hard lives, but the Gospel gives them peace and comfort. I think it's mainly because they know that they will be able to make it through the hard times, that they can repent, and that they will make it back to Heavenly Father. One of my favorite truths to teach is that God loves each and every one of us. For some people, they haven't had very much love, they live in a country alone and can hardly understand anyone, but I love telling them about our Heavenly Father who loves us all. It's an amazing thing. This gospel has blessed my life so much, but I get such a great feeling see it bless others' lives as well.
well, I'll send a letter today, I can't wait to get the package haha. thanks so much for everything, I love hearing from y'all. Love you.
-Oh and mom, thanks so much for the Efy cd but i'm so sorry, you accidentally sent the DVD not the CD haha, but don't worry about it. We don't need it, thanks for the effort, it means a lot haha.

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