Monday, July 16, 2018

God's power is stronger than the power of satan

Week has been pretty good. We've seen lots of blessings and miracles.
Yeah N is awesome, he and T came to church this week! Yeah
little by little, they're doing great. We got talking about who
Jehovah was in our lesson, and then that got us talking about
different religions, and then that got us talking about the religion
"the water" that gave N a blessing for the stroke that left half
of his body slightly paralyzed. Turns out the blessing did work after
all, a little bit, not completely though. That's what confused me, I
wondered how someone not having the Priesthood could give a blessing
and for it to actually bless someone. After he received the blessing
he was able to talk and walk. So that's what confused me. But then as
they explained it further, we realized it was most likely due to black
magic. That's kind of something that I've learned recently more so. If
it's God's Priesthood, it's God's power, if it's not, it's simply not
God's power. If it's by some other power that's not God's Priesthood,
it's really the devil's power. We had a similar thing happen in
Butaritari. But yeah, my comp Elder I asked about it in that
case, how was someone not possessing Priesthood power able to perform
an effective blessing, and our mission President explained that there
is power of the devil and he can use it to lead people away. I'm so
grateful to be able to hold God's true restored Priesthood, and I know
it really is His power. I also know that God's power is stronger than
the power of satan. It's a great security in our world today where
there's so much evil.
So yeah, we had the opportunity to give N a blessing, cause he
asked for one, he's been in his condition for the last ten years I
believe. We were also able to give their kid a blessing for his
A is not yet baptized, but on his way, he's been really faithful
to his commitments, so we going to do the interview this week. His mom
and dad just work a lot, but we were able to meet them already. We'll
try to get a time with them soon. They're really nice as well.
Some other cool things we saw this week: we did a bit of tracting and
were able to meet a few people that seem prepared. One guy was like
"this book is really different", he'd found a book of mormon in his
security booth. We also found this one guy that had only one lesson
from missionaries before but then didn't make contact with them, but
is interested in our message.
Any way, this really is God's work, even though we're not perfect, if
we try hard to improve each day, Heavenly Father will make use of our
efforts in performing His work here on earth.
Well, thanks again! Love you all!!! Thanks for the prayers and
everything and support. have a good week!!! -Elder Seffker

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