Saturday, December 10, 2016

bring you greater happiness

This week was really good! So we ate dinner at the house of our area's old branch president, His name is T. And the food wasn't ready yet, so we kind of just talked for probably 30 minutes about the Kiribati language, because he's pretty good at english and is still learning. He's super awesome, cause a lot of the people here don't have a ton of ambition. Here in Tarawa, it's a little better, because kids from all over including outer islands come to tarawa to attend Moroni High school, which is an lds school. And at Moroni they are immersed in the English language. All of the teachers have to speak it during every lesson, except for kiribati lessons. Yeah it's kind of funny. The national language here is english... and yet everyone speaks Kiribati and very few know very limited english. I think it's because the government wants the people here to be able to have more options. Like I said, sometimes ambition is scarce, especially on the outer islands, because for most people, the purpose of their life is to collect coconuts every day, sell them for rice, catch fish, and pick breadfruit... You can totally live off the land here. But yeah, me and T talked about Kiribati, it was soooo amazing because I had so many questions about Kiribati pronounciation, and he totally helped me!! And now I feel like I have a better grip on the pronounciation. He also had a lot of questions about english, it's pretty amazing how well he knows english, because for me having learned a different language, I realize how hard english is. Any way, I totally told him thanks and that I'd ask him if I had any more questions. And I also told him to ask me if he had any more questions. I'll try to get some pictures sent soon, but we had a baptism on saturday. It was really great. I'm really working hard to study, I feel like I've developed a greater interest for the pioneer stories. Hahaha, ughhh it's crazy how as I grow up, all the seeds that you, mom and dad, have sown into my childhood begin to sprout and to grow haha. No really though, the pioneers and the people who lived during the time of Joseph Smith are such an example to me! I know that we have to be like the pioneers, we have to stand in holy places and be not moved. I heard a talk recently, something like: "What you do, where you are, and what you see will shape who you become" I love the faith the pioneers had in gathering together as Saints. They truly treasured things of God and not of the world. They understood the importance of service! Siblings: I feel like I didn't understand this most of my childhood, but it's a commandment to serve others. And like all commandments it's going to bring you greater happiness. I feel like the key to living a life worth looking back on others, or worth sharing with others, is to live for others, through service. The principles of the gospel help us to stop worshiping ourselves and to turn to God(Bednar said that I think in an MTC address). Any way, I feel like the pioneers really knew that. They were so industrious and serviceful. They sacrificed so much. I love their example and want to become a modern day pioneer!! Thanks for all your support and examples!! Truly!! Also, it's kind of funny. There was a missionary that served here named Elder S that the missionaries talk about. They say "he knew more words than native Kiribati people", I asked how, they said "he was never content". Haha, they actually wondered if I was related to him when I first got here, because apparently we look alike. But I found out that he is the actor on the mormon message: "Thanks for drinking all the juice!" Hahaha, he's that guy!! Haha, so apparently that was his joke, cause the missionaries drink a lot of juice here ;) Any way, have a good week all! Ti a bo!! I love you all!
- Elder Seffker

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