Wednesday, January 15, 2014

testimony of the things we teach through the Holy ghost by praying

So, since we just got back from going to the temple today I don't have my journal--which I usually bring to help me remember what had happened during the week--so I may not be able to include everything I wanted to in this email. But one thing I remember I have been meaning to tell y'all about this new area is that the Nasa apace center is in our area. ("Houston we have a problem") anyway, that was random just because I kept forgetting to tell y'all.
So this week I spent a lot of time with other missionaries other than my usual companion. Occasionally missionaries do what is called an exchange where a missionary from another area switches places with a missionary in another area for a day. One of the missionaries I will be going on exchange with on friday will be Elder Johnson (Landon Johnson)--he's in my district. Anyway, I went on three exchanges last week and learned a lot from the other missionaries. It's always good to see different working styles and what is most effective. I love missionary work! We met some cool people this week, some we're still going to be teaching and some aren't continuing for now but hopefully in the future. One of the people was Billy. He's just about 20 years and old and we met him walking down the street. He had just gotten out of jail and wanted to turn his life around. He learned more about God while he was in jail. We taught him the message about the restored gospel, Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. He pointed out that he felt the Holy Ghost. He said, "While y'all were talking I felt a different feeling. Kind of like chills. I get a good feeling." Another couple of people we've met and been teaching a bit are Rojnoth and his brother Ovenosh, they're from Trinidad. They're young guys but really mature. They've been through a lot. They are Hindu but as we taught them the plan of salvation they were able to compare it to a lot of beliefs that they already have. We are teaching them about how they can get a testimony of the things we teach through the Holy ghost by praying.  We met this other guy--I don't know why I'm telling you about this guy, mostly because he's just interesting--his name is Bob. We were driving out of a complex and we saw this guy with yellow tinted sunglasses looking at us so we rolled down the window and started talking to him. He's come to some really different and sad conclusions about God because of how he's reacted to the very crazy experiences he's had. He stopped believing in God's love for him and I think that developed into him not having a belief in God. We bore testimony to him about God's unrestrained love for all of His children. He just couldn't accept the fact the God could love him. he told us, "God couldn't love me, I've been in 3 wars, Vietnam, Korea, I've been a mercenary in africa, I killed people for money, not for a country or for any good reason. God couldn't love me. I've seen things happen to people that you couldn't imagine." It's such a sad thought to be stuck accepting the lie from Satan that the creator of your soul and world doesn't have a love or care for you. We're going to be stopping by Bob in the next few days, hopefully he'll be able to let God pour His love into his life. 
Well I gotta get goin. Love y'all. Have an amazing week! Read, Pray, Go to Church!
Elder Russell 

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