Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mikes Farewell Talk

Mike's experience. First off he invited as many non members as he could think of.  With family and friends the chapel was filled to the back and chairs from classrooms had to be brought in.  Five minutes into his talk by starting out of Christs light the rumblings up on the stand were evident as stake pres. and bishop left then came back which then our councilor stood up and announced we would evacuate the building due to fire.  We stood out in the snow to find out shortly after church was called off.  Arriving home I literally shuffled through the crowd of kids.  We had about 130 people of his friends, and family on the main floor.  Mike and his three friends sang a song and the Spirit was so thick.  Turns out the church didn't burn was just a belt in the furnace causing smoke- needed replaced or something. All is good and the Lord works in mysterious ways....the Spirit of God "like a fire is burning!!!" Ha HA  Coach Buhrley (SHS running coach) wrote in the weekly e-mail...

Titan Indoor Track Bulletin - Jan 27, 2013

Coach Buhrley goes to church, church catches fire. I’m not saying there’s a connection, but... . As a result of the fire, Mike Russell set a Titan Farewell record with a 2:55.52 split for his talk. Congrats, Mike!!
(He times all the talks- Mike wins!)
So... he leaves in two weeks.  Next Sunday the Stake Pres. wants him to share his thoughts in our fast and testimony meeting and then the following Sunday is Stake Conference. Mike has  his talk available for fb or can email to anyone who wants to read it.  

 Jarom Hansen, Mike, Tom Hill, and Brad Allen sang Brightly Beams Our Fathers Mercy. It was absolutely beautiful.

A very special thanks to all who came, many who traveled, and especially all who have touched Mike's heart and taught him things, helped him grow, and loved him.  My heart is full of so much gratitude, and I know his is too.  Thank You.

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